Spider Green Double Rake, the only one capable of collecting rake

Spider Green Double Rake the only rake in the world to really gather all

Spider GreenDouble Rake 2 Simply Special Edition

Award for the best invention of the year 2014 2015 2016

The unique rake in the world to really collect everything!

Winner Of Award Campionaria Padova in May 2015 and the Grand Prix Du Jardin 2015.

Gamma “Double Rake” a whole Made in Italy project.

Find out in all our official dealers in Italy!

Choose the product that best suits your needs and goodbye to back pain, thanks to its long handle allows you to always have a proper posture while working and collecting.

Not just for the leaves! “Double Rake ” it can go further…

His rapier collection method allows you to pull up everything really, shrubs, foliage, rocks, pools, marshes, mud, debris, beaches, branches and so on and so forth!

Remember that there are no products that can gather how does “Double Rake” he is unique and inimitable.

Be wary of other identical products,”Double Rake” it’s UNIQUE!